Square Register

Shoot: Square
Location: My Studio
Subject: Square Register
Length Of Shoot: 2 Days


This month I will be speaking in New York at the New York Academy of Sciences about my upcoming Foodstuffs book with Steve Etlinger. The Twinkie project elicited so much attention that I wanted to expand on the idea of food additives.


This SDP Cover of the week is from last year. But both the UCLA story and the New York Times story (below) are up for SDP awards.

Link to article

This NYT story made it into both the PDN photo annual and AI-AP Photography 29 contests.
AI-AP Photography 29

PDN Photo Annual

TIME Magazine “What To Eat Now”

Shoot: TIME Magazine
Location: Studio
Subject: Healthy food where you least expect it.
Length Of Shoot: 1 Day
Stylist: Kevin Crafts

The Today Show gave this TIME Magazine cover a few seconds of fame.

We froze over 20 blocks of fruits and vegetables for this shoot, testing dry ice to liquid nitrogen, only to find the freezer was the best method. Here are some “behind the camera” images from the shoot.

The New York Times Magazine “How To Survive Societal Collapse In Suburbia”

Shoot: The New York Times Magazine
Location: Denver, Colorado
Subject: The Douglas Family and their emergency stockpile
Length Of Shoot: 1 Day
Link To the Article: Click For Article
NYT Blog: Click For Blog

The entire Douglass family and their neighbors helped bring all the items out of their house and place them on the lawn. Here is a little stop motion video of that six hour process.

Here are some outtakes from the day.

Promo Cards

The blog, Art Buyers Are People Too, posted about my recent promo cards. When sending out thousands of promos, it’s nice to hear when they are well received.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Shoot: Businessweek Magazine
Location: Studio
Subject: Birds
Stylists: Micah Bishop
Animal Training Director: Stephanie Taunton (Bow Wow Productions)
Length Of Shoot: 1 Day

Stephanie from Bow Wow Productions, who helped with the birds, also had a deer and a skunk in her truck outside. We had a chance to play with both. Bambi walked in and stole the show.

The set.

Our tired and hungry models.


Last month I was featured on Pictureline about the Teva job. Here is a link to their site: PICTURELINE


Shoot: Teva
Location: Studio
Subject: Athletes
Stylists: Annemarie Guy
Length Of Shoot: 3 Days

Here are some of the outtakes and wardrobe changes.

SAM Pilgrim (Pro Mountain Biker) and his famous missing tooth.

CAM Mc Caul (Pro Mountain Biker)

JAMIE Sterling (Big Wave Surfer)

KALE (Lifty)

LEL Tone (Heli Ski Guide)

MATT Hooker (Pro Wakeskater)

Stanford Magazine Cover

The organized data image inside the article.

Shoot: Stanford Magazine
Location: Studio
Subject: “Data”
Length Of Shoot: 1 Day

ESPN Quad Rugby

Shoot: ESPN Magazine
Location: Louisville Kentucky
Subject: Quad Rugby Chairs and Portraits
Length Of Shoot: 1 Day

A time lapse video.